Non-Immigrant Visas

These are visas which would allow to temporarily enter to the United States, and eventually live and work, for a limited time, depending on the purpose of the trip.
The most common non-immigrant visas are:


For individuals who wish to temporarily visit the United States for business (sign a contract, attending conferences, business meetings). On the other hand, the visa B-2 is for pleasure or tourism trips to the United States or visit family or friends; as well as receiving medical treatment, or to accompany a family member requiring medical treatment.


For those wishing to perform academic or vocational studies in the United States.



Category limited to nationals of countries that have signed a trade and/or investment treaty with the United States, which carry out activities of import, export of goods or services between the United States and the Treaty country, or making a substantial, operational and not marginal investment in the United States.


Aimed at professionals who wish to work temporarily in the United States, in a specialty occupation, including models. There is currently an annual numerical limitation (65,000 visas available).


Visa created with the purpose of allowing transnational companies to transfer an Executive employee, manager or an employee who has specialized knowledge to work in the United States in a company affiliate, branch or subsidiary.


This category was designed to persons with extraordinary ability in Sciences, arts, education, business or sports who have shown national or international recognition. Includes visas for artists who have a proven record of extraordinary achievements in the world of the cinema or television.

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